Activision accused of ripping Dr. Disrespect for a $20 . Call of Duty skin

Just a few weeks after acknowledging the “misstep” of the plagiarism of the Floof Fury skin for Call of Duty: Warzone (opens in new tab)Activision is accused of doing it again, this time with a skin remarkably similar to a “Variant” in Deaddrop, Midnight Society’s upcoming extraction shooter.

Variants, in the world of Deaddrop, are the players who bought the first round of early access passes to the game. Among the bonuses awarded to them for being first in line are “VisorCortex IDs”, which are basically NFTs that grant unique visor skins to those who own them. Think Daft Punk, but more overtly martial.

Credit: Midnight Society

“The VisorCortex acts as your identity within the Midnight Society and can be used as your verified avatar inside and outside the community,” explains the studio. (opens in new tab) in March, before Midnight Society’s game had a proper title. “Variants can sell their Access Pass along with their attached VisorCortex ID to waive their utility within the Midnight Society or trade VisorCortex IDs with other Access Pass holders without losing their Variant benefits.”

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