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Most fans agreed: Neighbors had a fitting ending when the heartwarming final episode aired last month, but getting to that point wasn’t easy for the show’s writers and storyliners.

Channel 5 announced its decision to cancel the show in February, giving the soap’s team just four months to chart and film the finale.

As you’d expect with any long-running, ongoing drama, there were plans for massive storylines beyond that point that sadly had to be scrapped — as we’ve seen in recent interviews of some of our Neighbors favorites.

Here we wrap up 10 storylines that fell by the wayside or were scrapped altogether.

1. Karl and Susan’s Money Troubles

susan and karl kennedy in neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

The start of the year was marked by a devastating setback for the Kennedys when Karl foolishly invested their savings in Montana Marcel’s new start-up company. The money was lost when Montana was arrested, leaving Susan furious with Karl.

At the time, many fans suspected that this storyline was written specifically to celebrate the final weeks of Neighbors and a possible departure for Karl and Susan.

The opposite turned out to be true, because the storyline – which would have lasted longer – was largely forgotten when the nostalgia of the last few months started.

2. The Shocking Departure of David

david tanaka in jail with the neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Before the ax fell NeighborsTakaya Honda had decided that 2022 would be his last year in the role of David Tanaka. This was not announced to fans and plans to unsubscribe him were eventually scrapped when the show was cancelled.

David’s dramatic final months in Erinsborough, including Gareth Bateman’s death and imprisonment, were all originally intended to lead to his departure from the show.

In a recent conversation with digital spyTakaya explained, “The story would have gone on longer and it would have been different. They’ve had to change things to shorten it, but hopefully it still has the same impact.

“Even though it’s been cut short — and I only have a vague idea of ​​what they were up to if it went through — I don’t think the audience will feel deprived of the ending of that story.

“There was still so much room, within the time we had on screen, to tell the story completely and in an enjoyable way. It was no less an exciting rollercoaster ride.”

3. Mackenzie’s Happy Ending

embargo 13062022 mackenzie hargreaves at neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Georgie Stone, who played Mackenzie Hargreaves, also shared: digital spy that 2022 was likely to be her last year on the show, regardless of whether it went ahead or not.

Thinking about how the Neighbors Additional news leaked before the cast was told, Georgie explained: “It’s no fun finding out you’re losing your job through social media.

“I think I was going to leave at some point this year anyway, but I was sad that there wouldn’t be future generations of young actors who would get this experience on the show.”

The show’s team had tentative plans to give Mackenzie a hopeful new chapter after the tragic death of her husband Hendrix Greyson. Now that Hendrix died a few weeks earlier Neighbors ended, there was no time to examine this on screen.

Script producer Shane Isheev tweeted in June: “[Hendrix’s death] was scheduled before we knew the show was ending because we lost the actor. And the beautiful Georgie also wanted Mack to have the FULL soap experience.

“Trust me, if we’d gone ahead, we’d have plans for Mack to find love again and have her happily ever after.”

4. Byron as a regular

Joe Klocek as Byron Stone in Neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Jane Harris’ son Byron Stone hit the screen in early July, but then left again for the final. Neighbors was abolished after Joe Klocek was cast in the role, so he would have played the character anyway.

Under the original plan, Byron would have moved to Ramsay Street as a normal character, with some big storylines planned for him.

Shane Isheev told digital spy: “He’s a character that we would have put a lot of miles on, and he would have stuck with it for a long time.”

5. Victor’s arrival turns Jane’s life upside down

jane harris and nicolette stone at the neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

It would have been a busy year for Jane’s family all year round as Isheev also confirmed plans were in the works for Nicolette and Byron’s father Victor to join Erinsborough.

There wasn’t time to explore this storyline before Neighbors ended, so the plot had to be scrapped.

Charlotte Chimes, who played Nicolette Stone, later said: digital spy: “It’s a shame that a few things that I knew were coming up [Nicolette] don’t happen now, because I would have loved to be able to enjoy those stories.

“Nicolette’s father was coming and we didn’t have time for that. That was something I was really looking forward to: exploring the dynamics of Jane and Nicolette and how the father would influence that.”

In a separate chat with Chatterbox RadioIsheev explained: “We even know who we wanted to play that part. Vic would have come in and be a bit of a charmer. I think if Clive and Jane had stayed together, he probably would have seduced Jane away from Clive. Maybe the moves on Wendy and charming Vera.

“Karl and Susan lost all that money with the Montana storyline. He would have hooked on to that and might have made it even worse for them.’

6. The Slow Road to Paul and Terese’s Reunion

Paul Robinson and Terese Willis in Neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Let’s face it, the Neighbors team were always Paul and Terese are going to reunite before the show ended. However, some fans doubted the plot’s execution so soon after Paul devised a vicious plan to destroy Terese’s professional reputation after their split.

In his post-final chat with digital spyexecutive producer Jason Herbison confirmed there would have been a much slower build-up to the ‘Praise’ reunion if the show had continued.

Herbison explained, “In a perfect world we would have taken longer to reunite them. But with Paul I think it’s a matter of better the devil, you know.

“Terese hasn’t always walked a straight line and they are equal. I’m glad I reunited them and I don’t think Paul will ever change. But as Terese wrote on her note, she accepts that. It doesn’t” doesn’t mean she won’t tear the note!”

7. An extra Rodwell

Andrew, Sadie and Wendy Rodwell at the neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Neighbors bosses had plans for at least one additional member of the Rodwells when they first conceived the family.

However, with limited available screen time to give the clan when Neighbors was axed, this character was removed from scripts and the team chose to introduce only one child of Andrew and Wendy.

Candice Leask, who played Wendy, recently shared: digital spy: “Initially it was planned to have a younger son. When we had an end date, they decided they would just have Sadie as a daughter.”

8. Wendy’s Past Revealed

Andrew, Wendy and Sadie Rodwell at the neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Wendy caused a stir with her eager ways to please when she first moved to Ramsay Street. However, there were reasons in Wendy’s backstory to explain this attitude, which viewers never found out.

Candice Leask told us: “Wendy’s storyline would develop and unravel. They would explore why she was the way she was. It would have been cool to find out why she wanted everyone to like her. I think she was full of fear when she started talking to people.”

9. More drama for Terese and Estelle

Terese Willis and Estelle Petrides at neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Terese’s mother Estelle was another character introduced at the eleventh hour for a limited run, but original plans for the future of the show would have seen her in a different storyline.

Shane Isheev told digital spy“We didn’t want to miss seeing some of those faces, so that’s why we still have Byron, and we still have Estelle – just so we can see them.

“We had another very big story for Terese and Estelle that we unfortunately can’t tell now.”

10. Erinsborough Earthquake

David Tanaka is targeted in neighbor's prison

FremantleChannel 5

Shane Isheev has also confirmed that David’s prison story was originally going to feature some familiar faces from the show’s past, including 2016 villain Jacka Hills and fan favorite Darcy Tyler.

He told Chatterbox Radio: “One of the original ideas I had for sending David to prison was for him to meet some of the villains from the show’s past.

“We were working on potentially doing an earthquake, which would have triggered a major mass prison break. That was also an opportunity to brighten up some sets in Erinsborough.

“I wanted to do a massive jailbreak, where iconic villains come from” Neighbors past team up and wreak havoc on the show.”

Neighbors has now come to an end, but catch-up episodes are available via My 5 (UK) and 10 Play (Australia).

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