Audrey’s friends make big heart-to-heart decision

Note: The following article discusses topics, including suicide, that some readers may find shocking.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street aired a dramatic, heartbreaking episode tonight (Aug. 15) in which Audrey confided in her friends Ken (William Roache), Rita (Barbara Knox) ​​and Roy (David Neilson) a heartbreaking secret.

The group of friends were enjoying afternoon tea at a swanky hotel when Ken’s ex-partner, Claudia (Rula Lenska), arrived to enjoy her own meal with Charles. Ken, Audrey and Rita listened to Claudia and Charles until the couple argued and broke up, as Charles stormed out.

Claudia joined the four friends at their table, where Rita remembered it was Claudia’s birthday not long ago. Then they took turns revealing some long-held secrets.

Rita revealed that she and Ken had an affair years ago, while Roy hinted that he would be arrested for “indecent behavior”, which he called a “misunderstanding”.

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Then Audrey shocked her friends and viewers with a dramatic, devastating revelation. She revealed that she attempted suicide three weeks ago.

While the long-running British soap was heading for a commercial break, a waiter pulled out a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday. The other hotel guests clapped while Audrey’s friends were in shock.

“Two glasses of prosecco and I’ll give away my deepest, darkest secrets, I’m so sorry,” said Audrey. She reassured her friends that she had come through the darkest period in her life, but her friends persisted and questioned her about the incident.

Audrey explained that her neighbor took her to the hospital after finding her and thinking she was having a stroke. Her friends apologized for not being there for her.

“I disappointed you,” Rita said. “My oldest and best friend was suicidal and I had absolutely no idea about it.”

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Audrey again told them they hadn’t done anything wrong and asked them to change the conversation to something more lighthearted, after which Claudia left, feeling that Audrey would speak more freely when she wasn’t there.

But once back out of the bathroom, Rita, Roy, and Ken again quietly discussed the incident with Audrey, who admitted she hadn’t told her children or taken the antidepressants her doctor had prescribed.

Roy encouraged Audrey to take the pills or undergo therapy, but Audrey was resistant. The trio of friends proved their worth, taking turns talking about their physical and mental ailments to help Audrey feel better.

audrey roberts, rita tanner, coronation street


“To be honest, I feel so much better to be able to confide in the three of you,” Audrey said. “I’ll start on the tablets tonight as soon as the prosecco leaves my system.”

Audrey was pleased when her friends said they would meet up more often, while she promised to start taking the antidepressants as soon as she got home.

However, the friends themselves were not completely satisfied, so they met independently of Audrey for a “secret meeting”.

They agreed to make plans with Audrey as a group to visit Audrey regularly without feeling like she was being actively monitored. They were wary of pushing her away or making her feel like a baby.

audrey roberts and gail rodwell in coronation street


Monday’s episode ended with a tender moment with Audrey, who went back to her salon and made a toast to the neighbor who found her. She took the first antidepressant pill before kissing her wedding ring.

“Still life in the old girl, old chap,” Audrey said.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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