Boxing Results: IBF Mini Champ Yokasta Valle Beats WBO Mini Champ Thi Nguyen!

Through Ken Hissner: At Cuidad Deportiva, Heiner Ugalde, Hatillo, San Jose, Costa Rica presented a reunion match won by IBF Female Mini Champion Yokasta Valle in the Main Event on Thursday during DAZN Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) and Marvin Rodriguez (Marv/Nations Promotions) about WBO Mini Champion Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen.

In the Main Event IBF Female Mini Champion Yokasta Valle, 26-2 (9), #104, of NIC & San Jose, Costa Rica defeated WBO Female Mini Champion Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen, 5-0 (1), #104 , from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, over 10×2 laps.

It went back and forth in the first round. In the second round, Valle Nguyen almost landed 3-1. In the fourth round, Valle was overwhelming Nguyen. From the fifth through the eighth round, Valle continued to dominate a game of Nguyen.

In the ninth round, it was the most competitive of the fight. In the tenth and final round, both fighters let it all hang out, although Valle’s round still ended, Nguyen finished it stronger.

Scores were 100-90, 98-92 and 99-91 with this writer 98-92.

In the co-feature WBC Silver Super Fly Champion Adelaida “La Cobra” Ruiz, 12-0 (6), #115, of Lynnewood, CA, defeated Sonia Osorio, 15-8-2 (4), #114, of Mexico City, MEX, over 10×2 rounds for WBC Interim World Super Fly title.

In the first two rounds it went to the taller Ruiz although a champion was introduced first. She pushed the fight on while Osorio did a good job for the most part. In the fourth round Osorio made it interesting but not enough to win the round. After the round, the scores were announced. Not a good idea.

In the sixth round, Ruiz started showing swelling under her left eye, although well ahead of the fight. In the eighth round, Ruiz continued to make Osorio stronger. Scores were again announced at the end of the round. In the tenth and final round, both fighters threw punches as the round ended in the best round of the fight.

The scores were 100-90, 98-92 and 99-91.

Super Feather Ofacio “The Sniper” Falcon, 8-0 (6), #130, Bronx, NY, won tie for Jose “Pacman” Manuel Perez, 10-6 (8), #129 ¼, of NIC and San Jose, CR, over 6 laps.

In the second round, Perez had Falcon in trouble against the ropes with a flurry of punches mid-lap. In the fourth round, Falcon countered well against the ever-upcoming Perez.

In the fifth round, Perez surpassed Falcon. In the sixth and final round, Falcon moved through the ring with an effective jab as Perez threw combinations.

The scores were twice 58-56 for Falcon and 58-56 Perez with this writer 57-57.

Referee Carlos Manzanares.

Super Light Jose “Superman” Manuel Garcia, 16-1-1 (14), #140 ½, of Mexico City, MEX, stopped southpaw Israel “El Destructor” Lopez, 9-3 (7), #141, of Tipitapa, NIC, at 2:06 of the second round of a scheduled 8 rounds for the vacant WBO World Youth title.

Garcia entered the ring wearing glasses nicknamed “Superman” that looked more like Clark Kent. In the first round, Garcia, trained by former world champion Antonio Marco Barrera, took the round with a good body attack.

In the second round, Garcia landed a right to the body in the first minute that Lopez dropped. In the final minute, a Garcia left dropped Lopez on the chin during a good exchange of both fighters. Seconds after this knockdown, Garcia received a flurry from Lopez against the ropes as the fight was halted.

How a 23-year-old in Garcia qualifies for a “youth” title I don’t understand.

Welter Kyle Irwin, 5-1 (2), #142 ½, of Oceanside, CA, was stopped by Lorenzo Garro, 4-0 (2), #142 ½, of Escazu, CR, at 1:40 of the second round of a scheduled 4 rounds due to a cut.

In the first round, with a golf ball-sized swelling under his left eye, Irwin Garro gave a good blow to the ropes with no return close to referee David Garcia who stepped in. In the second round, Irwin got a nasty cut between his eyes from a Garro judge, which caused a stoppage when the ring doctor came in and waved it off as Irwin wanted to continue.

Lightweight Keling Fonseca, 4-5 (2), #136 , of Managua, NIC and CR, won by majority decision over Jose “Karma” Alvarado, 9-1 (5), #135 ¾, of Ensenada, Baja California, MEX, more than 6 rounds.

In the first two rounds, Fonseca switched from orthodox to left-handed and complained of headbutts as he and Alvarado mixed up well. In the third round, Alvarado got a point deducted for headbutts.

In the fourth round, Fonseca got a cut on the right eyebrow and bleeding from the nose. In the fifth round, the action intensified with Alvarado going from orthodox to left-handed and coming on strong to win the round. On the sixth and final lap, Alvarado had his way mostly to the body, with Fonseca landing the final punch right to the chin.

The scores were 56-56 and two times 57-56 for Fonseca. This writer had it 57-56 Alvarado. The points deduction made all the difference.

Ring announcer Marco Rodriguez.

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