Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Park Eun-bin Shares Character Fear

Netflix’s new South Korean show Extraordinary Lawyer Woo has been hugely popular with audiences to date, with protagonist Park Eun-bin receiving praise for her portrayal of an autistic lawyer.

The show follows attorney Woo Young-woo, who is top of her class from law school and possesses an IQ of 164 along with an incredible memory and creative thinking process.

However, due to the delicate nature of the role, Park originally turned down the role of Woo Young-woo on a number of occasions. The actress, who does not have autism, told about this in a new interview with TV Guide.

park eun bin, extraordinary lawyer woo


“I had to think that this was a drama, so there would be some media influence. I didn’t want to have a bad impact on the ASD (autism spectrum disorder) community,” Park said.

The actress, who previously starred in Stove League and Age of youthrevealed that it was the show’s director Yoo In-shik and writer Moon Ji-won who convinced her to accept the role.

“I knew they were a great director and a great writer. So I decided I wanted to be a part of this project. And I think it’s a great choice that I made,” Park said.

park eun bin, extraordinary lawyer woo


Still, the role came with enormous pressure for Park, as she didn’t want to perpetuate negative stereotypes about people with autism and knew that portraying this community was a delicate matter. This was her main concern with playing the character.

“I thought I couldn’t have any stereotypes or prejudices in this project. That was one of my biggest concerns,” Park said. “Because this drama and its themes involve and engage a lot of people, I felt a huge sense of responsibility. I didn’t want to hurt or offend anyone.”

The show currently has an audience rating of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes and initial reviews have been mostly positive.

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo can be viewed on Netflix.

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