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WORTHINGTON — Suree Sompamitwong, a local woman who founded Creative Healing Space and ArtInvasionz, a clothing line with a focus on art, mental health and social justice, has accepted her clothing for Minnesota Fashion Week.

She is now on a mission to find five Nobles County women ages 18 and older who are interested in modeling her designs at events September 18-25 at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.

On Monday, Sompamitwong met with the director of Coalesce Collective, a production company that promotes Asian-Pacific American and black, indigenous and colored people.

“It’s a very cool production company,” Sompamitwong said. “They want to bring individuals together to make a bigger statement.”

All models participating in Minnesota Fashion Week will be allowed to walk the catwalk at the same time, with designs from nine different designers selected for the event.

As Sompamitwong prepares for Minnesota Fashion Week, she needs five female models to showcase the ArtInvasionz clothing line. She would like them to be residents of Nobles County, ages 18 and older, and encourages anyone interested to contact her as soon as possible.

“The fashion show is in a little over a month,” she said, noting that there was an August 24 deadline to select models. “This is a great opportunity. There are so many people from Minneapolis who want to do this, but I want people from Nobles County.”

Since the models have to travel to Minneapolis, Sompamitwong asks to be at least 18 years old. Ride sharing is done when possible.

To sign up as one of the ArtInvasionz models, Sompamitwong asks for a 3-4 minute video where the person shares their name, age, why they want to model her clothing line, and what is unique about them. . The videos should be sent to her at

“I want people with a bold attitude who are looking for a future in the modeling industry,” Sompamitwong shared, adding that it’s important that they also want to represent a clothing line that promotes social justice, the arts and mental health.

“I really want them to promote our message,” Sompamitwong said, adding that models will be paid for their work.

The models should be available for a studio shoot on August 27, as well as a dress rehearsal at the American Swedish Institute on September 18, followed by the fashion show on September 19.

Sompamitwong created 19 pieces, 10 of which will be featured in the show. Five male models for her designs were selected by a Twin Cities-based motorcycle company she was paired with.

In addition to the clothing, Sompamitwong’s sculpture and artwork will also be on display.

Sompamitwong hopes she will be invited to LA Fashion Week after Minnesota’s Fashion Week.

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