Fortnite Is Now A Dragon Ball Z Anime Shitstorm (And I Love It)

Three Gokus standing together looking cool and one of them is shirtless too.

Image: Epic Games / Bird Studio / Shueisha

Fortnite’s new update adds a bunch of content fetched directly the popular anime franchise, Dragon Ball. Especially beloved heroes like Goku and Bulma are now running around the Battle Royale rubbing shoulder to shoulder with Darth Vader and Batman. Wild times. And these new anime characters have brought powerful goodies with them, turning the game into a massive, exciting shitstorm of anime, superpowers and violence.

Yesterday, after some teasing and a lot of rumours, Epic released the latest update to its hugely popular free-to-play battle royale shooter. Fortnite. (Once we tried to rate it.) Surely you’ve heard of it? If not, it’s a wild third-person shooter where 100 players fall on an island and then search for weapons, armor, and ammo as the map shrinks and they fight to be the last player standing. Also Deadpool and ryu van street fighter are there also. Like I said, wild times.

Now, as part of the latest crossover with a popular franchise, Fortnite has been invaded by characters, locations, and powers of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. And let me tell you what, these new toys and characters are damn things.

For the next two weeksplayers can buy DBZthemed characters and other accessories, while also working on completing a series of in-game quests that revolve around doing different Dragon Ball Z-like things or visiting locations or landmarks from the show. Complete these missions and challenges and you will get DBZthemed rewards, so many people try to finish them. And 100 people doing that at the same time means parts of the map that are connected to DBZ quests are chaotic battlefields in which players go to die hoping to achieve a specific goal, such as “Buy an item from a DBZthemed vending machine.”

Oh, and did I forget to mention? One of the items these vending machines hand out let you unleash Kamehameha explosions. Yes, this is the same super-powered, deadly energy attack that Goku uses in the anime to wipe out his enemies. And because multiple players can have these explosions at the same time, many matches of Fortnite turn into a fever dream of various characters from Marvel and Star Wars glowing celebrities like Lebron James and Ariana Grande away singing “KAMEHAMEHA!!!!” screamed.

During my last match, I was sitting in a random hut, healed after a small skirmish and looking for some loot. I also hid out of fear because I was “KAMEHAMEHA!!!” outside of a dozen different players. heard screaming. and blow each other away. In the end Rick van Rick and Morty found me and blasted my hut with the devastating attack. I just laughed.

I can imagine that for some players who take this game seriously and compete to be the best every time, this current update could be very frustrating. The number of times I’ve used the new Nimbus Cloud item to zoom away from combat, only to turn around and blow people away with a super anime attack, is way too high to admit. And it’s only day one of this event. While certain more serious players might be annoyed by all the anime shenanigans going on right now, I’m having a good time.

In fact, I’m having so much fun I can almost ignore how the whole pop culture mixes into a gray slurry without any unique features or ideas. Almost.

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