Gennadiy Golovkin has no bitterness towards Canelo Alvarez

Through Sean Jones: Gennadiy Golovkin says it’s not personal that he will face his third fight with Canelo Alvarez on September 17.

Despite Canelo testing positive for the banned substance clenbuterol years ago and getting a controversial 12-round draw in the first fight with Golovkin and an equally dubious win in the second, GGG says he harbors no enmity towards him.

Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) will try to tie the score against the Mexican star in their trilogy match on September 17 at DAZN pay-per-view at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Interestingly enough, that’s the same location where Golovkin and Canelo fought together during the first two battles. Given the questionable score in those two games, it’s unclear why Canelo wanted to take it back to the T-Mobile Arena.

You can argue that Canelo should have chosen a different location, even if it was in the same city.

If there’s one more questionable decision standing in the way of Canelo, some boxing fans will be pointing the finger, especially after the bizarre 115-113 x 3 scores handed in for Alvarez’s final fight against Dmitry Bivol at the same venue.

Promoter Eddie Hearn believes Golovkin could be stronger for this fight as the match takes place at 168 instead of 160.

In Golovkin’s last two fights, he looked exhausted at making weight at 160, and it was pretty obvious he needed to go to 168 to make it easier on himself.

“Gennadiy, you are one of the best fighters and you seem the least emotional. You always seem to have the same attitude,” Ken Rideout told Teddy Atlas’s The Fight.

“Even if you talk to Canelo, who I have a feeling you really don’t like, and he seems to be really offended when you bring up his sanction for doping, for which he was convicted.

“I’m surprised he was so upset because he was sanctioned by a third party, not you. How personal is it to you, and do you really hate him the way I think you do?” said Rideout.

“It’s not personal. When things are personal to you, try comparing yourself to your opponent. You’re trying to figure out who’s better. You’re trying to prove something to yourself.

“To me it’s just another fight, albeit with a prominent boxer and a very interesting boxer. It’s going to be an interesting fight, but again, nothing personal. Let’s pit my opponent against Dmitry Bivol. There was nothing personal in that fight. It was just boxing.

“Same for me here. It’s just business, just boxing. I see no reason to go into it personally. It’s just not worth it. As he is [Canelo] behaved himself for the past four years, I do not want to descend to his level.

I don’t want to go down and take it as something personal. That would just be unprofessional,” Golovkin said.

“For what it’s worth, I respect the way you behave and I appreciate you not being lured into the bin,” Rideout said. “I always enjoy the pre-fights with you because it’s all business, and it seems very clear in all the press conferences and weigh-ins.”

“If you are not able to talk boxing and communicate with your opponent without berating him, without using obscenities or nonsense as you say, dirty words, then it is not worth fighting with such an opponent. to communicate.

“We have a saying that can be translated literally. A bee couldn’t explain to a fly that honey is better than junk. It’s just not worth trying,” Golovkin said.

“That’s a simple one,” Teddy Atlas said. “I think in any language, that translates quite directly and clearly. I would like to ask Gennadiy, since Ken pointed it out, is there PEDS testing in this camp for VADA or any of the agencies?”

“Of course there is testing and I speak for myself and my camp. I’ve done these tests because God knows how many fights, and I don’t know how many times they’ve done all the tests,” Golovkin said.

“There are no disagreements, arguments or questions about Gennadiy Golovkin being clean,” Atlas said. “We’re not going to make a big deal about it, but we had to ask the question.

“There has been a dispute, as Ken rightly pointed out about Canelo, insofar as he was always clean. I also wanted to ask, is he in a relationship?

“I’m just curious about Bivol, and if so my question would be, has he spoken to him at all?” said Atlas.

“We have no relationship. We don’t talk and discuss things,” Golovkin said of Bivol. “We know each other, of course, and I remember getting a call from his manager Vadim Kornilov.

“Dmitry sat next to Vadim and he reminded us that he met me in 1997 during one of the boxing tournaments in his home country of Kyrgyzstan. So that’s how long we’ve known each other,” Golovkin said.

“I knew clearly that you knew each other from where you come from and clearly from your amateur background,” Atlas said.

“So that’s why I asked the question because I was just curious, knew each other and had that background of being familiar with each other.”

“I think the way Gennadiy smiles, he knows him very well. I know they both train with Churchill too, so I imagine they know each other very well,” said Rideout.

“No, of course, and that’s why I asked the question. Only if they had spoken, that’s all,” Atlas said about whether Golovkin knew Bivol well.

“Unfortunately not yet, but I hope we will communicate more after my fight and his fight,” Golovkin said. “I know he’s moving to the United States; he moves his family. So I think we’ll have some things to talk about.”

“One of those things I can tell you now when he calls you after this fight to congratulate you on your win,” Atlas said.

“Right, that would be great. It is always a pleasure to talk to people who really know their trade, their trade and who are therefore very interesting,” says Golovkin.

“I just want to say I have to finish this unless Ken has something else. I just want to thank you for taking the time at your camp, during your camp, to talk to us and come to our show,” Atlas said.

‘I want to say the same to you. It’s always nice to talk to not only a great fighter and a great athlete, but also a great gentleman. A person who knows how to behave outside the ring as he must behave inside the ring. Always behave like a champion.

“Thank you, and thank you to all the fans and from all of us,” Atlas said.

“It is a great pleasure to talk to all of you. Thank you very much,” Golovkin said.

“Thank you for doing this,” said Rideout. “Thanks to Fred for arranging and all the fans out there. Thank you for being with us.

“Gennadiy, one of the things I like most about you is seeing you come into the ring in that beautiful Kazakh robe. I’m going to talk to Fred about getting me one too,” Rideout said.

“Thank you so much, guys. Always,” said Golovkin.

“Good luck, Gennadiy,” Atlas said.

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