Gloomwood is too beautiful to play unfinished

It’s not often that I’m so directly in a game that I follow its development as closely as I can, but that’s the effect Gloomwood (opens in new tab)The demo had me when it came out on Steam in 2020. Good immersive sims only come once every few years, so I’ll take what I can get, but that short vertical bit convinced me that New Blood Interactive has something special here: a neo-victorian stealth game with the vibes of Bloodborne and the backstabs, shadow hopping and constant vulnerability from Thief.

Now released in early access, I’m happy to say that Gloomwood is going to be awesome. New Blood has really mastered the basics – the opening levels are eerie, expansive spaces with multiple solutions and menacing guards that are just the right amount of stupid. I love the lethality of my pointed cane sword, the click of the revolver as I check his ammunition, and the satisfaction of stepping right past an unsuspecting goon in a pitch-black shadow.

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