‘I Pledge Myself to You’: What the Newspapers Said About King Charles’ Speech | King Charles III

King Charles III’s emotional speech to a nation in mourning echoed Saturday’s front pages, highlighting his tender language to his “dear mama” and his promise to serve the people in the same way as the Queen.

The Time used a shawl depicting a contemplative Charles outside Buckingham Palace, and the front cover inside depicted him in the Blue Drawing Room in the palace, at a desk with a picture of his mother. The headline is “I promise myself to you”.

Times front (inside wrap cover): I pledge myself to you. #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/vlivQEbC2b

— George Mann 🫧⚒️🫧 (@sgfmann) September 9, 2022


God Save The King

“Wherever you may live in the UK, or in the realms and territories across the world, and whatever may be your background or beliefs, I shall endeavour to serve you with loyalty, respect and love”https://t.co/GLT77AsWfu pic.twitter.com/vekO3NbDLC

— The Times and The Sunday Times (@thetimes) September 9, 2022


The Guardian uses an image of Charles having a moment of quiet reflection and carries a line from Friday’s speech as the headline: “I will try to serve you with loyalty and love”. It contains a 40-page supplement charting a royal life.

Guardian front page, Saturday 10 September 2022: 'I shall endeavour to serve you with loyalty and love' pic.twitter.com/AQLhq4B8cQ

— Guardian news (@guardiannews) September 9, 2022


The Daily mail bears a highly emotional image of a tearful Charles giving his speech, describing it as “an exquisite and deeply personal tribute” to the Queen. The headline reads: “Tearful Charles’s Tribute to His Sweet Mama”.

Saturday’s @DailyMailUK #MailFrontPages pic.twitter.com/Pk9nBMBC4b

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) September 9, 2022


Gloomy shades dominate the Daily Mirrors front page, which previews the heartwarming leadership style that Charles wants to practice. He introduces him to his desk and the headline is “Our New King’s Promise to the Nation…Loyalty, Respect, Love”.

Saturday's front page: Our new King's pledge to the nation….Loyalty, respect, love.https://t.co/QQYWLToul1


#TomorrowPapersToday pic.twitter.com/ii65t4nPyN

— The Mirror (@DailyMirror) September 9, 2022


The Daily Telegram looks at Charles’s gratitude to his mother and his promise to follow her example during his reign. “To my dear mama, thank you” is the headline. Clues to commentary pieces dominate the bottom half, describing everything from personal encounters with King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II to how the Queen wanted to be good instead of the “Queen of Hearts.”

The front page of tomorrow's Daily Telegraph:

'To my darling Mama, thank you'https://t.co/6UXtz8AREq pic.twitter.com/qtJT0hCTKV

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) September 9, 2022


The me weekend simply says “My dear mama” in the headline and shows Charles a royal wave, with Camilla, now queen consort, behind him.

The i: My darling Mama #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/esJh3ZrJkc

— George Mann 🫧⚒️🫧 (@sgfmann) September 9, 2022


The Sun continues to use a rich purple hue on the front and has placed “God save the king” below the logo. The front cover shows Charles looking admiringly at his mother, with the headline “Thank you to my dear mama”. The cover highlights three key quotes from Friday’s speech: first, one about his love for his wife Camilla, who is now queen consort; second, William and Catherine become Prince and Princess of Wales; and finally, his love for Harry and Meghan.

On tomorrow's front page: 'To my darling Mama, thank you' pic.twitter.com/vif6Y7wynB

— The Sun (@TheSun) September 9, 2022


The FT weekend gives Charles a full-width view of him interacting with well-wishers outside Buckingham Palace, and the headline, “I will try to serve with loyalty, respect and love.” A post at the bottom of the page describes the scenes outside the palace as dignified, with crowds from all walks of life. “These are the days when Britain is doing well, when it shakes off its self-doubt and draws attention to itself,” write Henry Mance and Jennifer Williams.

FT weekend:‘I shall endeavour to serve with
loyalty, respect and love’ #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/z0WPd8UsWA

— George Mann 🫧⚒️🫧 (@sgfmann) September 9, 2022


The Daily Express shows a slightly red-eyed Charles during his speech and the headline is the Hamlet quote he used in his message to his mother: “May ‘flights of angels sing to you at your rest'”.

Saturday's Front Cover: 'May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest'https://t.co/z4HqYIJXvS#TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/GZqvP3OnXv

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) September 9, 2022


The Daily record emphasizes Charles’ principles of “loyalty, respect and love” and also includes a depiction of the Queen in the prime of youth before her withdrawal.

Daily Record: Loyalty, respect & love. #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/HbH4O6CE1V

— George Mann 🫧⚒️🫧 (@sgfmann) September 9, 2022


The national hands his front page to a child who adds a floral tribute to the many already placed on the ground, saying in the headline “Scotland pays its tribute”.

The National: Scotland pays its tributes #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/BrKASDYkFz

— George Mann 🫧⚒️🫧 (@sgfmann) September 9, 2022


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