Manchester: Distraught mother pleads to find her three children

An urgent search has been launched to locate the three children (Picture: Dawn Daley/SWNS)

An urgent search has been launched to locate the three children (Picture: Dawn Daley/SWNS)

Three children are said to have been ‘kidnapped’ and brought to Tunisia, their mother claims.

Dawn Daley, 43, has urgently contacted police and has been left ‘distraught’ by the ordeal.

She says her ex-husband, Fares Aljehani, told her he was taking their children to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire for a holiday.

But he was then said to have flown to Tunisia from the UK with the three children and his new wife, Samiyah, who is reportedly in her twenties.

“I feel like there’s nothing worth living for without them,” Dawn said.

“He broke my family in two.”

The 43-year-old said she last heard from her three children – Khalid, eight, Aasiyah, six, and Maimunah, four – more than two weeks ago after dropping them off with their father.

But she panicked after he didn’t respond to her messages and appeared to have left his house when she went to pick up her children ten days later.

Police say they are investigating the matter and have issued arrest warrants (Photo: Dawn Daley/SWNS)

Dawn later spoke to a colleague of Aljehani who said he quit his job the day before to move abroad.

The terrified mother said she was later told by Manchester police that they had issued a warrant for the arrest of Fares and Samiyah Aljehani on charges of ‘kidnapping’.

She said: ‘The police have said they have followed them to Tunisia until now. All five of them got on the plane.

Fares is a Libyan national and I’ve been to Libya and Tunisia in the past, and from Tunisia it’s only a couple of hours drive to Libya, so when they said that I just knew they were there.

“They have now issued arrest warrants for the two for kidnapping, with high-risk missing-person tags on the children. They’ve said names have been posted at airports.”

Dawn Daley drove to her ex-husband’s work only to find out he had resigned Dawn Daley/SWNS

Dawn, from Manchester, said she split two years ago with Aljehani, who had moved to the UK in 2009 after his strict beliefs caused ‘trouble’ with their marriage.

She said, “The plan was to take them to Robin Hood’s Bay for a week and then he would drop them off the following Wednesday.

“I didn’t talk to them during that time because when they’re with their father, he doesn’t really allow me to talk to them.”

Dawn said she started calling and texting her ex-husband a few days before he was due to give their three children back to her, but alarmingly, she got no response.

She said: ‘On Wednesday at 12:30 I even drove to his house.

A search is underway for the children, presumably with their father (Picture: Dawn Daley/SWNS)

‘Actually, I knocked on the downstairs neighbor’s door. He said he hadn’t seen him in a while. I asked, “Have you seen his car?” And he said, “I think he sold it.”‘

Dawn then went to a takeout shop where Fares had been working over the weekend, but his boss told her the father had resigned and left.

She said police later told her that Fares and Samiyah Aljehani had boarded a TUI flight from Manchester airport with her three children on Aug. 8.

A spokesman for the Greater Manchester Police Department told ‘On 10 August 2022, police received a report that three children aged 8, 6 and 4 were missing from their home in Wythenshawe.

‘The children are probably with a relative. The whereabouts of the children are being investigated.’

Anyone with information is requested to contact the police on 0161 8566051 citing log number 3480 dated 10 August 2022.

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