Many existing PCIe 4.0 SSDs should work fine with DirectStorage, Phison says

Phison, the manufacturer of SSD controllers found on many consumer NVMe drives, has released some more information about its new I/O+ technology and firmware update, which is designed to accelerate DirectStorage workloads. The good news is that the popular E18 controller, which is at the heart of many modern PCIe 4.0 SSDs (opens in new tab)already offers “exceptional performance that exceeds Microsoft’s recommendations for DirectStorage.”

You might be wondering what the Phison firmware update actually does if the main PCIe 4.0 controller is already good enough for DirectStorage? Well, it seems to offer a best-case scenario: “I/O+ technology extends the capabilities of E18 by reducing block-level read distortion (BLRD). The technology allows game developers to build higher detail settings into games from the next generation that require guaranteed bandwidth.”

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