Ryan Giggs lawsuit: Ex-Manchester United star admits to being ‘love cheater’ who was never faithful in relationships – but denies assaulting ex-girlfriend | Football news

Ryan Giggs has told a court that his “love cheat” tag is “justified” and that he has not been faithful in any of his previous relationships, but has insisted he has never physically assaulted a woman.

The former Manchester United footballer admitted during his assault trial that he had a “reputation for infidelity” and had “quite a public affair” with his ex-wife, Stacey.

But the 48-year-old said he had never checked or coerced a woman because the jury heard he hoped his relationship with Kate Greville would not end after he allegedly headbutted her.

Giggs is on trial, charged with using controlling and coercive behavior against Mrs. Greville, as well as assaulting her and her sister Emma.

He denies the charges against him.

The former Wales manager first took the stand at his trial on Tuesday, agreeing with his lawyer’s comments that he was known for his prowess as a footballer, but also for his “reputation for infidelity”.

Chris Daw QC, who represents Giggs, said newspapers would call the ex-footballer a “love cheater” and asked if that was “justified”.

“Yes,” Giggs replied.

Ryan Giggs Kate Greville
Ryan Giggs and ex-girlfriend Kate Greville

‘Flirting naturally’

The attorney asked, “Over the course of your relationships with women, up to and including Mrs. Greville, have you managed to be faithful to any of them?”

“No,” Giggs said.

Mr Daw asked, “If an attractive woman has shown interest to you, regardless of your marital status, can you resist?”

“No,” Giggs replied.

He also agreed that he was a “flirt” by nature.

But when asked if he’d ever physically assaulted a woman, Giggs replied, “Never.”

Giggs told the court that his relationship with Mrs Greville began when he was married to his ex-wife Stacey, and that he previously cheated on her in “a fairly public affair”.

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Crown Court where he is charged with controlling and compulsive behavior towards ex-girlfriend Kate Greville between August 2017 and November 2020.  Date photo: Thursday 11 August 2022.

He said he broke up with his wife after she confronted him about an article linking him to Ms. Greville, and he initially went to live with his mother.

Giggs was asked about an incident in Dubai in 2017 when Ms Greville claims he dragged her naked body across the floor of his hotel room before throwing her belongings down a hallway.

He told the court that he had “run away” after an argument at a nightclub, and he and Mrs Greville continued to argue at the hotel.

The former winger denied there was “a physical element to the feud” and said he didn’t want Ms Greville to stay at the hotel and began packing her suitcase.

“She had many friends in Dubai,” he told the jury.

He denied throwing Mrs Greville out of the room when she had no clothes on, and said he told her to sleep on the couch.

However, Giggs said that after they calmed down, they had sex and spent the night together in the same bed.

He told the judges, “We had sex that we would have very often, which could get pretty rough, but not something weird, just just rough.”

Mr. Daw asked, “Was that kind of sexual activity something the two of you were engaged in on a regular basis?”

Giggs replied, “Yes.”

Ryan Giggs

Police statement from Giggs

Earlier, the court heard about Giggs’ police interrogations after he was arrested for the alleged attacks on Ms Greville and her sister Emma on November 1, 2020.

In a written statement to police, which was read to the court, Giggs said a “fight” had broken out between him and Mrs Greville over a cell phone, and that he had been “attacked”.

“At this stage I feel very emotional about the incident,” Giggs told police.

“I accept that she grabbed me in the face during the struggle, causing the lip and inside of the mouth to bleed.

“I may have caught her and her sister in the scuffle, but no attempt was ever made to harm either of them.”

Giggs said his head “collided” with his then-girlfriend’s, but it was “unintentional”.

“I’m sorry this argument got so out of hand,” he added.

“I sincerely hope this isn’t the end of our relationship and that we can work this out.

“At no point did I intentionally harm her or intend to harm her.”

The trial at the Manchester Crown Court has been adjourned until Wednesday, when Giggs is expected to continue to testify.

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