The boy’s cough, which lasted 5 years, turned out to be a toy that he held at 3 . had swallowed

Marley Enjakovic may have had the toy in his throat for five years

Marley’s mum thought he had asthma after he had trouble breathing (Picture: Sunrise)

A boy has had surgery to remove a plastic toy that may have sat in his throat for five years.

Marley Enjakovic, eight, from Adelaide, swallowed the small plastic flower several years ago, resulting in a constant cough and difficulty breathing.

After a series of misdiagnoses and worsening symptoms, doctors finally discovered that the toy was stuck in his airway.

Marley’s cough became so severe one day in December that he was rushed to hospital while gasping for air.

After he was admitted to an intensive care unit, surgeons discovered and removed the flower of arts and crafts lodged in his throat.

The boy – who doesn’t talk much – spoke to the breakfast show Sunrise from his bed at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

When asked how it felt to have the piece of plastic in his throat, he replied, “Nothing.”

Marley’s mother Skye said her son started coughing while he ate, but over time he coughed for “hours and hours” and it became “frightening.”

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Marley Enjakovic may have had the toy in his throat for five years

Numbed for surgery after his long-running symptoms started to get ‘scary’

The toys have finally been removed

Marley’s mom spoke of her relief after the perpetrator was finally evicted

Marley Enjakovic may have had the toy in his throat for five years

Healthy and happy sitting up straight after his surgery

Marley would also have trouble playing basketball and soccer. His mother was told it was asthma, but she knew it was more because the coughing was caused by food and drink.

She added: “I was absolutely shocked. but frankly also very relieved, because after all these years I finally had an answer.

“My biggest concern at the time was that he was actually born with that condition.

“Because if he had been born with it, he would have had other problems. To know that it was caused by a foreign body was a small relief for me.

“My message to other parents is that if you feel like something is wrong, just keep pushing for it.

“I’m so glad I did because that means I got it today.”

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