Welp, I Built Saudi Arabia’s Stupid Skinny City in Cities: Skylines

we have our first look at Line City a few weeks ago, what Saudi Arabia’s bizarre plan is to spend a billion dollars to build a weird science fiction city along the Red Sea. According to the two-minute video above, the city will be a large straight line stretching 170 kilometers through the desert. The entire city will be the height of a skyscraper, but only 200 meters wide and completely covered in mirrors. For reasons? There are probably reasons.

While I think Line City would be a good location for a futuristic zombie movie where people have to fight their way from one end of the city to the other – make this movie anyway – it seems like a terrible place to house 9 million people without first asking if they want to live in a weird, skinny, mirrored skyscraper city. Not to mention all the people who will be displaced or worse? just to build the stupid thing.

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